Prepping Supplies - 18 Basics for When The SHTF May 11, 2017

18 Basic Prepping Supplies

For When the SHTF


When it comes to preparing for an emergency situation it's important to start with the most important prepping supplies and then improve on your preps as you move forward. Here is a list of the most basic supplies that every family should keep in their homes.

Basic Prepping Supplies


Water: You can probably survive 3 weeks without food but most people can only go 3 days without clean drinking water. Water is the most basic and important of all prepping supplies.

So what is your plan for having clean water when the taps run dry? Do you have enough water stored to get you and your family through a crisis? Is there a supply of clean water nearby that you could take advantage of? Do you have the tools and supplies you need to purify water?

Food: Most families in America have less than a one month food supply in their homes at any given time. And food is second when it comes to prepping supplies. Take the time to asses and supplement your own supply so you know how long you could survive if the supermarket shelves were empty or if it wasn't safe to leave your house.

Basic Hygiene Supplies: Toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer. Click here to read more about the basic personal hygiene supplies to keep in case water becomes scarce.

First Aid Kit: In the event of a disaster or crisis Hospitals are quickly overrun. Click here to read more about the basic supplies you need for a good survival first aid kit.

A Sewing Kit: Aside from its obvious use a sewing kit could become necessary to suture wounds.

Gasoline: It's a good idea to always fill your gas tank when it reaches half full. You should also consider keeping an emergency supply of gasoline, especially if you plan to use a gas powered generator if the power goes out. In an emergency situation Gas stations are likely to run out quickly, or at the very least ration what gas is available.

Self Defense Gear: Whether it's a knife, a gun (don't forget plenty of ammo), an axe, pepper spray or all of the above get the supplies you need to defend your home and family BEFORE the SHTF.

A Flashlight: In addition to candles when the power goes out you will need a flashlight and/or lantern. And don't forget to keep a supply of batteries on hand! You can also purchase a Solar Lantern. Let the sun charge it up during the day and it will provide you with light when he sun goes down.

A Radio: In order to keep up on what's going on in the outside world you'll need at least a basic radio. Get either solar, battery powered or hand cranked in case there is no power.

Communication equipment: There's a good chance that you'll no longer have access to your cell phone or the internet. It's one of the more advanced prepping supplies but in order to communicate with the outside world you may need a CB Radio. Also, have a predetermined place set up where you will meet with your group in case you're not able to communicate with them in an emergency situation.

Shelter: But what if your home is unlivable and you have to bug out? Do you have a back up plan? Keep a supply of tents, sleeping bags and blankets in case you do have to bug out.

Warm Clothes: If you do find yourself in a situation where you have to survive without proper shelter you'll need to have warm, weatherproof clothing.

Hiking boots: You'll also want warm sturdy foot ware in case you have to travel long distances through forested areas or even on roads to get to a safe location.

A Swiss Army Knife: They have SO may uses. Don't leave home without one!

Axe: Your basic prepping supplies should also give you the ability to build a fire for warmth, water purification and food preparation. Axes are inexpensive and necessary to keep up your supply of firewood. They can also be used as protection in case of an attack.

A Firestarter: You'll need to be able to start a fire so keep firestarters such as lighters and waterproof matches on hand. You can also get pocket  Emergency Firestarters to keep in your Bug Out & EDC (every day carry) kits.

A compass: If you do need to bugout and have to avoid the roads you'll need a compass to know what direction where you're heading.

Self Defense Gear: Whether it's a knife, gun (don't forget plenty of ammo), an axe, pepper spray or all of the above get the prepping supplies you need to defend your home and family BEFORE the SHTF.

Bug Out Bags: Be prepared by having a bug out bag ready for each member of your family.

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