Keeping Prepping Secret - 8 Simple Tips


Keeping Prepping Secret


OPSEC, or Operational Security, is critical to the military. When it comes to prepping, just like the military, keeping prepping secret from your potential enemies is essential.

With only 1-2% of the population prepping for a serious crisis, the vast majority of people will
be begging for help when disaster strikes. They'll depend on the government and when that doesn't work out they'll be desperate to find someone to help them meet their basic needs. If they find out that you may have what they need, you'll no doubt find them knocking on YOUR door.

Desperate people do desperate things so this could be very dangerous. And if you're forced to turn them away, they might very well come back. But next time they may have guns and/or back up. This is why you need to take the steps necessary for keeping prepping secret from all potential enemies.

Tips to stay under the radar:

  • First of all, don't tell anyone about your prepping that you wouldn't want to see at your front door, desperate and afraid, when the SHTF. You should carefully consider who you prep with. If it turns out that you don't work well together they'll still remember you when they need your help. Someone who was once your friend could turn out to be
    your worst enemy.
  • If you have children you'll have a harder time keeping prepping secret. Of course you want them to be trained and involved in your prepping, but you don't want them telling their friends about it. Consider coming up with a story they can tell people and reward them for keeping prepping secret.
  • Fortify your home, but don't make it obvious. Keep your home defenses subtle. They'll never be able to keep you safe if someone is determined to attack you, they're just there to give you enough time to put your defense plan in action.
  • Hide your prepping supplies. We all have visitors come to our homes and if your visitors see boxes of supplies stacked out in the open they'll probably figure out what you're up to. So find places to store your supplies out of sight. If you don't have an attic, or a basement, get creative. Think of all the empty space in your house, like empty space in closets or under beds.
  • If you order a lot of supplies online, be careful how you receive your shipments. You don't want to raise suspicion by having large or multiple shipments arrive at your home all at once.

This goes for the preps you buy in person too. You don't want to show up with a truckload of food and start unloading it for all your neighbor's to see. If you buy large quantities of preps all at once unload them in the garage or back yard where nobody can see what you're doing.

Once an emergency situation arises, here are more tips for staying under the radar and keeping prepping secret:

  • Blend in. Make sure that you and your family look like everyone else. If food shortages are causing everyone around you to lose weight, don't make it obvious that you are all well fed. If the lights are out in your city but you have a generator for electricity to keep the lights or radio or television on in your house keep the sound down and your window coverings closed so others won't realize that you have power. It's better to let other people believe that you are suffering just as much as everyone else.
  • Keep a low profile. The less others see you, the less they'll think think about you.
    You can't avoid going outside altogether, especially if you have a survival garden to tend to, but try to be as inconspicuous about it as possible and keep out of sight as much as you can.
  • This goes against everything we learn as preppers but...register for government assistance. Unless the emergency situation is nationwide, FEMA will show up, as well as other government agencies. So sign up for help along with everyone else so you won't stand out like someone who doesn't need the help. You don't want your neighbors, or the government, to notice or they may show up at your front door wondering what supplies you have.


To keep prepping secret the less people are aware of your plans, the better. If any of your prepping becomes obvious then be prepared with a cover story. So, if you're digging a well you may want to complain about the cost or limits of using city water. If you're growing your own garden you may want talk about how you're trying to avoid GMO's and save money on organic food.

Make sure your cover stories are believable enough to keep other people from wondering what you're up to, which will help keep you off their radar in the event of an emergency situation.

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